ROIROI® is an Ecommerce Agency with a focus on Direct to Consumer brands (DTC) specialising on scalability, globalisation and sustainable revenue growth.

With over 10 million orders and 150 mEUR in profitable ad spend and global Ecommerce projects with 30+ localised markets and multibrand platforms we’ve gathered the knowledge to bring expertise to businesses that are aiming for global growth.

We are a boutique agency with a focus on adding real value and quality. We believe in achieving sustainable and honest results. Just as simple as that.
We have over 25 years of combined Ecommerce experience. If you want to know more how we work, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always up for a chat!
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The Team
Victor Emilson has over 12 years of Ecom-experience with fast growing companies. He's been Head of Ecommerce at Ideal of Sweden, tech lead at Happy Socks and Group Ecommerce Director at Strax Group where he worked with brands such as Urbanista, Adidas and Richmond & Finch to name a few.

Victor's expertise spreads across high pace organisational growth strategies, procurements as well as a wide and deep general understanding of digital businesses, User Experience and data driven business development.

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With over 15 years of working in online sales and marketing, Marc Verschueren has extensive hands-on experience and a proven track record in growing online businesses.

He started his career at Google's European HQ where he learned how to be data driven while driving growth. After Marc’s move to Stockholm he has headed up the online marketing teams at both Happy Socks and Stronger. He played a key role in setting up, and growing, their global ecommerce business while remaining profitable. During Marc’s tenure both companies were acquired by Private Equity firms.

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Aram Soltani begun working within Ecommerce as a 15 year-old and has a wide experience that spans from technical to digital marketing competence. Professionally he has worked with digital marketing for over 10 years and he headed the SEO departments at multiple agencies.

Before joining ROIROI Aram worked as Head of Ecommerce & Marketing at Arc Ecommerce within Bygg Hemma Group (BHG Group) where he grew their online business at a high pace.

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Max de Bruijn has 5+ years experience within performance marketing. He started his marketing career at a growth agency in Amsterdam with clients of various sizes and industries.

Most recently Max worked at Babyshop Group where he had the role of Performance Marketing Manager before he left to join ROIROI.

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Strategy & Advisory
Platform Migration
PPC Management
Digital Marketing
Data Architecture
Tech Advisory
Web Analysis
CRO Strategy
Campaign Strategy
We're five Ecommerce and Marketing professionals that are committed to delivering results.

We keep it small, niche and true to the mission. We carefully select our clients and partners and we only work on projects we believe in.

If you want to know more, please don't hesitate to reach out in the contact form below.

Max, Pidder, Aram, Victor and Marc


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